We are a boutique Property Advisory firm that works with Referral Partners such as Financial Planners, Mortgage Brokers, Accountants and other social influencers who have clients who want to invest in high-quality investment properties in high growth locations


Property Advisers Australia was born out of the need to provide clients with superior property solutions that align with their property goals. Through our preferred suppliers we have access to thousands of off-market properties, most that never make it to the popular online property portals. We also partner with some of the most experienced people in the Accounting, Financial Planning and Mortgage Broking space to ensure you have the best professional advice when taking the property plunge.

Our representatives value INTEGRITY above all else, so you can be confident that your property decision has been made only after careful planning and consultation to ensure it aligns with your property goals. Whether you are a First Home Buyer or Seasoned Investor we ensure you have all the options before making one of the biggest decisions for your financial future.

Property Advisers Australia gives real estate professionals the opportunity to start their own business, establish their own connections and sell quality new properties into those networks. We have been doing this successfully for a long time and thought it was about time we shared our success with everyone. 

 You will have full access to our Licencing, Insurance, Software, Marketing, Administration and Training, as well as unlimited ongoing Training and Mentorship. You will also have access to superior investment property stock provided by our industry award-winning builders. The amount of time you put into your business will determine the return you get out of it and we guide you through the whole process. So contact us today to find out how you can create the ultimate Work/Life Balance.

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