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Why PAA is Superior to other Property Suppliers

We NEVER sell off a “List”. – If we don’t have it, we will find it.

Why Choose Property Advisers Australia

Why PAA is Superior to other Property Suppliers?

Most other Suppliers start at the Micro level – they get a list of stock to sell, then they work upwards and gather enough savvy looking promotional material to make the area look like a great place to invest. 

By doing this they always miss the best of the best opportunities because they are usually recommending areas that have an oversupply and the developers are publishing flashy marketing material in order to shift stock.

We NEVER sell off a “List” – If we don’t have it, we will find it

We’ve found the best area for our clients to buy but may have absolutely no stock in that area so we go and source it.

We knock on the doors of the best agents, builders and developers until we finally get access to high-quality stock at good prices in our preferred areas.

We will never sell our clients an inferior property, preferring to wait until we can source something that is right for the client.

.Why Choose Property Advisers Australia?

  1. We are licensed, qualified professionals in Property Advice.
  2. We maintain our professionalism through constant education and staying up to date with market trends.
  3. We walk our talk – we only recommend properties we would buy ourselves.
  4. We select properties through fundamental Macro to Micro analysis and NEVER sell off a “list”.
  5. We ONLY source properties in areas that we determine to be the best investment areas and visit these areas to gain all the local knowledge required to make the best investment choice.
  6. We source property, all over Australia, from the best agents, developers and builders.
  7. We have a supply channel of over 100 Builders and Developers and use this channel to compare options for clients and negotiate the best deal.
  8. We thoroughly ‘vet’ our suppliers for their quality, financial stability, timeliness and post-sales service and if they don’t meet our standards they are struck from our supplier list.
  9. Our extensive supplier channel enables us to source stock for clients that is not on the open market.

– Most of our stock is not available through standard channels (Realestate. com.au, etc.)
– We obtain access to discounted stock such as the first and last stage of a development when the     Developer is willing to discount the price to achieve sales

    1. We work interactively with the client’s adviser to ensure that the client receives all the property advice necessary for them to make an informed investment decision.
    2. We hold the client’s hand through the whole process from initial Expression of Interest through to settlement and also post-settlement support.
    3. Pre-settlement support includes assisting with the settlement process itself, arranging depreciation schedules, arranging Handover inspection reports and (in selected areas) arranging handover to a quality property manager.
    4. We have handpicked a selection of Conveyancers, Accountants, Mortgage Brokers, Financial Planners and other suitably qualified professionals should the client require any of these services.

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